Foggo Associates


Foggo Associates is an integrated building design team with a distinguished pedigree in producing award winning, sustainable and innovative architecture.

We work closely with clients, contractors and other specialists to create high quality architecture that responds to users needs and enhances their environment.

The practice comprises architects, structural engineers, environmental services engineers and associated administrative staff. The company occupies a single open plan studio in central London.

The members of Foggo Associates have longstanding experience of working together as a single, multi-disciplinary team. The result of this shared experience and familiarity means that the company achieves a highly integrated approach to the building design process from conception through to occupation of the finished building.

Collaborative team working and the use of a single shared computer database of dimensionally coordinated design information and structural and environmental analysis models for each project is fundamental to how the practice is organised and how it manages the design process.

The compact size, organisation, and integrated systems of the practice enable us to offer services and solutions suited to particular project needs and tailored to individual client requirements and aspirations.

Our portfolio includes office, retail, residential, industrial and transport infrastructure projects, and ranges in size from individual houses to mixed use urban masterplans.

We are proud of our reputation for producing high quality, humane buildings and environments through the collaborative synthesis of architecture and engineering, constructed within strict commercial cost and time limits.


Foggo Associates believe that buildings should respond and contribute positively to their environment and context. They should enhance users and visitors experience of their surroundings and be structurally, environmentally and commercially efficient in order to provide a flexible, sustainable resource for client, users and society in general.

Our architecture is the result of a design process which involves analysing the opportunities and constraints of the site, design brief and stakeholders' requirements and aspirations and then developing design solutions that address the constraints and harness the opportunities in a cohesive and integrated manner.

We believe in utilising modern technology and construction techniques where appropriate, and clearly expressing the construction of the building in it's detailing to give meaningful form and character to it. As the nature of sites, context, clients and so forth vary from project to project, the visual expression of the Foggo Associates' architecture is characterised more by the inherent rigour of the design rather than a particular style or fashion.

The design of modern buildings is a truly multi-disciplinary process, requiring input from numerous specialists. Foggo Associates' architects have longstanding experience of collaborative working and understand the benefits of integrated team work utilising shared design resources. We recognise our key role in correlating and ordering this varied input into cohesive design concepts and maintaining continuity of design intent from conception through detailing and construction to completion and beyond.

Environmental Engineering

Foggo Associates believe that the creation of a comfortable physical environment is fundamental to users and visitors enjoyment of a building and its ultimate success. The challenge is to do this in the most appropriate, flexible, energy efficient and sustainable manner possible.

The involvement of the building services engineers at the earliest stages of a project is essential. Issues such as building orientation and fenestration need to be properly assessed early on. This will facilitate a clear understanding of the potential to exploit the natural efficiencies of site or brief in order to reduce energy usage without compromising environmental comfort or flexibility.

At Foggo Associates individual building services engineers have involvement throughout projects from earliest concept design right through to final commissioning and post occupancy evaluation. Working as an integral part of the design and construction team, our services engineers benefit from a clear insight and understanding of the overall project aims and goals, as well as the detailed coordination and construction issues.

The use of a single computer database, shared with the other members of the design team, for the review and production of design information is inherent to the way we work.

Foggo Associates' environmental engineers can provide a services design service both within and separate to the rest of the Foggo Associates integrated design team. The building services engineers' expertise and experience of multi-disciplinary, collaborative working benefits all projects that they are engaged on.

Structural Engineering

Foggo Associates believe that the structure and architecture of a building are inextricable.

The structure of a successful building will support it in such a way that facilitates and enhances the building's function and coordinates visually and physically with the other elements of the building.

Achieving this efficiently and economically requires structural engineers to have an early understanding of, and influence on, what a building contains and what it does as well as detailed knowledge of site conditions, constraints and opportunities. The Foggo Associates integrated design team set up facilitates this early understanding and influence on the design of a project, with consequent benefits later on in the project, of the integration of architecture, structure and services, buildability and programme and cost.

At Foggo Associates the structural engineers' role covers other areas as well, working with other specialist consultants on areas such as traffic engineering, archaeological investigations, aerodynamics and so forth.

Foggo Associates' structural engineers have extensive experience of working on tightly constrained and complicated urban sites at all stages of a project; demolition, groundworks, substructure, superstructure and beyond. The structural engineers also have considerable experience of large span steel structures and various other specialist fields of expertise. Consequently Foggo Associates can provide structural design services both within and separate to the rest of Foggo Associates' integrated design team.

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